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Lower operating costs and implement FOG (fats, oils, and grease) best practices with FilterShine Indiana's grease filter exchange service.

The purpose of commercial kitchen grease filters is to cut down on the amount of vaporized grease going into the exhaust system. When grease builds up in the exhaust system, the risk of kitchen fire increases.

IMPORTANT: For grease filters to work, they must be clean.

FilterShine Indiana's fully trained and insured service technicians will remove grease-soiled filters from your exhaust system and replace them with professionally cleaned and serviced filters.

Your dirty filters will be taken to one of our facilities where they will be cleaned inside and out. With off-site cleaning, you can decrease the amount of grease going down the drain by up to 70%.

    Benefits of choosing FilterShine Indiana as your FOG control and filter exchange vendor:
  • Cut costs associated with labor and cleaning supplies
  • Never buy filters again
  • Comply with EPA recommendations by conserving energy and water
  • Decrease employee injuries and Workmen's Compensation claims
  • Reduce non-renderable waste grease generation
  • Reduce drain line blockages and sanitary sewer overflows
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Filters: First Line of Defense Against a Fire!
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